A message to visiting dog owners

My parents welcome dogs on leads with *responsible* owners.

They don’t want you to leave your dog in a hot car, however to avoid any embarrassment and as accidents do happen, always clean up after your dog.

The staff here can provide water and bags . Whilst the staff are always happy to help they are not here to clean up your dog’s mess.

Any damage caused by your dog, or damage caused by your dog defecating or urinating on stock, will be required to be paid for.

No iff’s or buts and you will be asked to leave.

My parents are very responsible. They know exactly when I stop and what I’m about to do, so when we are in an enclosed space they are extra vigilant and walk me outside first and always clear up after me.

It would be such a shame if the minority of irresponsible dog owners ruined it by forcing my parents to ban all dogs on site.
Please be respectful of other customers, our staff and our business.

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