Hellebores, Primulas and Poinsettias.

We have a lovely choice of winter flowering specimens. Hellebores, known as the Christmas rose, are a superb winter perennial, flowering now until springtime. We have some beautiful specialist primulas in aswell, offering gorgeous long lasting double headed blooms in fantastic vibrant colours, adding great winter interest to the garden. Poinsettias native to Central America make excellent indoor floral displays synonymous with christmas adding colour and form to the home over the dark winter months.


We are very excited here at Carnon Downs as our Christmas trees have arrived, the season is well and truly upon us, we have a variety of potted trees available of Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce ideal for planting out at the end of the Christmas period. We also have our first lot of Nordmann Fir cut trees. The Nordmann are a very popular tree for there iconic Christmas tree look with bushy branching and the ever popular ‘non drop’ needle quality and longevity.

Christmas is Coming!!!!

Are you ready for a cracking Christmas? We have many fanciful festive treats in store to get you prepared for the most tree-mendous time of the year, including our first lot of potted Christmas trees that have just arrived, so come on down and don’t be Claus-trophobic to Chirstmas!!

Lots of new house plants just in.

Bring a piece of the natural world into your home. House plants bring colour, vibrancy and tranquility into any space, they can also purify the air, boost your mood, lower stress and anxiety amongst other benefits. We have a diverse range of cacti, succulents, tropical, subtropical and temperate species available in store.

Great selection of roses new in.

We have a brilliant selection of new season roses in, including floribunda, shrub, patio, climbing and occasion. Roses can be planted out all year round as long as the ground is neither too dry or frozen, however, the winter months are particularly good time to plant them as they are in a state of dormancy and helps them to put plenty of energy into establishing a vigorous root system for the coming growing season.