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You can view furniture from Alexander Rose and 4 Seasons by following the links. If you would like to order furniture or BBQs then please email us on [email protected] where we will be able to assist you with pricing & availability.

Alexander Rose Furniture

4 Seasons Furniture

Webber BBQs

Click & Collect Lawn Seed

Lawn seed

Miracle Gro Evergreen Luxury 14m2 £9.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Fast Grass 16m2 £7.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Fast Grass 28m2 £12.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Fast Grass 56m2 £19.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Multi Purpose 7m2 £4.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Multi Purpose 28m2 £12.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Multi Purpose 56m2 £18.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Shady 14m2 £9.99

Miracle Gro Lawn Repair Kit 20m2 £11.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Super seed 33m2 £13.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Super seed 66m2 £19.99

Click & Collect Lawn Care

Lawn Care Products

Miracle Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food 1kg £5.99

Miracle Gro Evergreen Complete 4in1 14kg £24.99

Miracle Gro Weed Control Lawn Food 2kg £12.99

Westland After cut All In One 3.2kg £9.99

Westland After cut All In One Sprinkler Box 2.56kg £9.99

Westland Safe Lawn Natural Lawn Feed 2.8kg £6.99

Westland Safe Lawn Natural Lawn Feed 14kg £24.99

Westland After Cut 3.5kg £8.99

Evergreen Premium Plus Thick & Green Lawn Food 2kg £11.99

Evergreen Complete 4in1 3.5kg £9.99

Evergreen Complete 4in1 Sprinkle Box 3.5kg £13.99

Miracle Gro Performance Organics Organic Lawn Food 2.5kg £12.99

Miracle Gro Performance Organics Organic Lawn Food 9kg £29.99

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller RTU 250ml £5.99

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller RTU 500ml £11.99

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller RTU 800ml £5.99

Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra 1Ltr £5.99

Evergreen No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 20kg £39.99

Evergreen No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 10kg £24.99

Evergreen Thick & Green Lawn Food 8kg £30.99

Evergreen Weed Control Lawn Food 8kg £31.99

Evergreen Moss Kill with Lawn feed 14kg £22.99

Westland Lawn Sand 16kg £14.99

Miracle Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food 2kg £9.99

Evergreen Moss Kill Liquid 1 Ltr £8.99

Click & Collect Wild Bird Food

No Mess Seed Mix 14.75kg £13.99

No Mess Seed Mix 4kg £7.99

No Mess Seed Mix 2.5kg £3.99

No Mess Seed Mix 1kg £2.49

Peanuts 12.75kg £29.99

Peanuts 4kg £15.99

Peanuts £2.5kg £8.99

Peanuts 1kg £4.99

Peanut Bites 1kg £4.99

Seed Mix 12.75kg £9.99

Seed Mix 4kg £6.99

Seed Mix 2kg £2.99

Seed Mix 1kg £1.99

No Grow Seed Mix 12.75kg £13.99

No Grow Seed Mix 4kg £8.99

No Grow Seed Mix 2kg £4.99

No Grow Seed Mix 1kg £3.49

No Mess Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg £24.99

No Mess Sunflower Hearts 4kg £11.99

No Mess Sunflower Hearts 2.5kg £6.99

No Mess Sunflower Hearts 1kg £4.99

Nyger Seed 12.75kg £36.99

Nyger Seed 1.8kg £8.99

Nyger Seed 0.8kg £4.99

High Energy Fat Snax Tub of 50 £9.99

Supreme Suet Balls Tub of 50 £14.99

Suet Feasts 10 Value Pack £9.99

Supreme Finch Blend 1.8kg £5.49

Songbird Blend 1.8kg £5.49

Squirrel Food 1.3kg £3.99

Mealworms 100g £3.99

Mealworms 200g £6.49

Mealworms 400g £10.99

Mealworms 800g £19.99

Mealworms 1.5kg £24.99

Peckish Complete No Mess 12 Seed Blend 12.75kg £14.99

Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix 1kg £2.50

Peckish Squirrel Proof Bird Food Hot Pepper Flavour 1kg £5.99

Peckish Fruit & Berry Suet Pellets 3kg £9.99

Peckish Winter Warmer 1.7kg £4.99

Peckish Peanut & Mealworm Suet Pellets 3kg Tub £9.99

Peckish Energy Suet Pellets 3kg Tub £9.99

Click & Collect Herbs

Herbs 9cm £1.99 each or 5 for £7.50

Treneague Chamomile

Double Chamomile



Celery leaf


Curry Plant

Golden Feverfew

Pink Hyssop

Rock Hyssop


Variegated Lemon Balm

Gold Splash Marjoram

French Marjoram

Variegated Apple mint

Compact Marjoram

Indian Mint

Pot Marjoram

Basil Mint

Pink Rosemary

Blackcurrant Sage

Honey Melon Sage

Lemon Thyme

Sweet Woodruff

Thyme Doone Valley OUT OF STOCK

Corsican Mint



Lavender dutch

Lavender English

Lavender French

Lavender Hidcote

Lavender Munstead

Mint Apple Variegated

Mint Black Peppermint

Mint curled spearmint

Mint Garden

Mint Indian


Parsley Flat Leaf

Parsley Moss Curled

Rosemary common

Rosemary Corsican

Rosemary Fota Blue

Rosemary Pink

Sage Common

Sage Purple

Sage Tricolour

Thyme Common

Thyme Creeping Red

Thyme French

Thyme Golden

Thyme Lemon

Thyme Lemon Variegated

1 Litre Herbs £2.99 Each or 4 for £10


Chives Garlic

Coriander Curly Parsley

Lavender Angustifolia

Lavender Grosso

Lavender Hidcote

Lavender Munstead

Mint Moroccan

Mint Spearmint


Rosemary Officinalis


Rosemary Prostratus 5 Litre Pot £19.99

Rosemary 3 Litre Pot £4.99

*New* Bedding Plants Click & Collect May

6 Pack Silver Dust £2.99

6 Pack Ivy Leaf Geranium £8.49

9cm Basket Plants £1.50


1 litre Pots £2.99

Scented geraniums

variagated geraniums


Trailing begonias

Non stop begonias

Hardy fuchsia

Bush & Trailing fuchsia


6 Pack £3.99


Isotoma blue





2 Litre Pots


Click & Collect Veg Plants

Toms £1.10 9cm Pot

Beefsteak F1 Gigantomo

Black Russian


Tumbling Tom Red or Yellow

Outdoor girl


Sweet Million




Black Opal

Ailsa Craig

Italian Plum

Tumbling Tigeress

Tomatoes Strip Pack of 3 £2.25

Tomato Ailsa Craig | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0408

Tomato Alicante | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0409

Tomato Baby Plum Lucinda | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0410

Tomato Beefmaster | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0411

Tomato Black Russian | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0412

Tomato Gardeners Delight | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0413

Tomato Golden Crown | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0414

Tomato Moneymaker | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0415

Tomato Roma | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0416

Tomato Shirley | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0417

Tomato Sungold | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0418

Tomato Super Sweet 100 | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0419

Tomato Totem | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0420

Tomato Tumbling Tom Red | Solanum Lycopersicum | QB0421

Cabbage £2.99 Strip pack of 6

Savoy Endevour


Peas £2.99 Strip pack of 6

Early Onward

Oregon Sugar pod

Beans £2.99 Strip pack of 6

Bunyards Exhibition


Sweet peppers £2.20 9cm Pot



Red Skin

Sweet parade

Chilli Peppers £2.20 9cm Pot

Bhut Jolokia

Scotch Bonnet

Hot Banana


Chilli Peppers 10cm Red Pot £2.99

Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire | A. Capsicum frutescens | QB0028

Chilli Pepper Bhut Jolokia | Capsicum Chinense | QB0022

Chilli Pepper Demon Red | Capsicum annuum | QB0025

Chilli Pepper Habanero Burkina Yellow | Capsicum Chinense | QB0024

Chilli Pepper Habanero Magnum (Orange) | Capsicum Chinense | QB0034

Chilli Pepper Habanero Paper Lantern | Capsicum Chinense | QB0035

Chilli Pepper Hot Scotch Bonnet Red | Capsicum Chinense | QB0038

Chilli Pepper Inferno | Capsicum annuum | QB0039

Chilli Pepper Prairie Fire | Capsicum annuum | QB0033

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet (Big Sun) | Capsicum Chinense | QB0032

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet | Capsicum Chinense | QB0340

Chilli Pepper Trinidad Perfume | Capsicum Chinense | QB0027

Chilli Pepper Trinidad Scorpion | Capsicum Chinense | QB0031

Strawberries Singles £1.49

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Strawberry Elsanta

Strawberry Fenella

Strawberry Judibell

Strawberry Lucy

Strawberry Red Gauntlet

Strawberry Romina

Strawberry Sweetheart

Strawberry Vibrant

Strawberry Strip Packs £2.25

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite | Fragaria × ananassa | QB0394

Strawberry Elsanta | Fragaria × ananassa | QB0395

Strawberry Honeoye | Fragaria × ananassa | QB0396

Strawberry Symphony | Fragaria × ananassa | QB0397

Strawberry Giant Fruiting Mix 1L £3.99

6 & 9 PK Veg £2.99


Runner Armstrong



Broccoli Purple Sprouting

Brussels Sprouts

Grafted Cucumber Baby Rocky  £3.99

Grafted Cucumber Derby £3.99









Pea Kelvedon Wonder

Sweetcorn Baby

Sweet Corn F1

Strip Packs Veg £2.40

Aubergine Black Beauty | Solanum Melongena | QB0452

Beetroot Mixed | Beta Vulgaris | QB0447

Beetroot | Beta Vulgaris | QB0320

Black Kale | Brassica Oleracea | QB0321

Broccoli | Brassica Oleracea | QB0322

Brussel Sprouts | Brassica Oleracea | QB0323

Cabbage Pointed Red Tinty | Brassica Oleracea | QB0446

Cabbage Pointed Sweetheart | Brassica Oleracea | QB0325

Cabbage Red | Brassica Oleracea | QB0326

Cabbage Round | Brassica Oleracea | QB0327

Cabbage Savoy | Brassica Oleracea | QB0328

Cabbage Spring | Brassica Oleracea | QB0329

Cabbage Winter | Brassica Oleracea | QB0330

Carrot Baby Round | Daucus Carota | QB0331

Carrot Chantenay | Daucus Carota | QB0332

Carrot Rainbow Mixed | Daucus Carota | QB0457

Cauliflower | Brassica Oleracea | QB0334

Celeriac | Apium Graveolens | QB0335

Celery | Apium Graveolens | QB0336

Cucumber F1 | Cucumis Sativus | QB0345

Cucumber Mini | Cucumis Sativus | QB0346

Cucumber Ridge | Cucumis Sativus | QB0347

Curly Kale Red | Brassica Oleracea | QB0431

Curly Kale | Brassica Oleracea | QB0348

Kohl Rabi | Brassica Oleracea | QB0352

Lambs Lettuce | Lactuca Sativa | QB0353

Leeks | Allium Porrum | QB0354

Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix | Lactuca Sativa | QB0355

Lettuce Butterhead | Lactuca Sativa | QB0356

Lettuce Cos | Lactuca Sativa | QB0357

Lettuce Green Oak Leaf | Lactuca Sativa | QB0358

Lettuce Iceberg | Lactuca Sativa | QB0359

Lettuce Little Gem | Lactuca Sativa | QB0360

Lettuce Lollo Rosso | Lactuca Sativa | QB0361

Lettuce Red Little Gem | Lactuca Sativa | QB0363

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl | Lactuca Sativa | QB0364

Lettuce Romaine | Lactuca Sativa | QB0365

Onion Mammoth White | Allium Cepa | QB0374

Onion Red | Allium Cepa | QB0375

Onion White | Allium Cepa | QB0376

Parsnip | Pastinaca Sativa | QB0380

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Early | Brassica Oleracea | QB0384

Salad Leaf Italian Mix | Latuca Sativa | QB0389

Spinach Baby Leaf | Spinace Oleracea | QB0448

Spinach | Beta Vulgaris | QB0391

Spring Onion Red | Allium Cepa | QB0392 Spring Onion White | Allium Cepa | QC0393

Swede | Brassica Napobrassica | QB0399

Sweet Pepper Sweet Banana | Capsicum Annuum | QB0404

Sweet Pepper | Capsicum Annuum | QB0405

Sweetcorn Baby | Zea Mays | QB0406

Sweetcorn Extra Sweet | Zea Mays | QB0407

9cm Black Square Pots £1.25

Aubergine Black Beauty

Courgette EL Greco

Courgette Golden Jemer

Cucumber F1 Femspot

Cucumber Mini Hana

Cucumber Ridge Perfection

Melon Cantaloupe

Sweet Pepper Green Bellboy

Sweet Pepper Red New Ace

Sweet Pepper Yellow

Chilli Pepper Apache

Chilli Pepper Habanero Paper Lantern

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet