Plant a pot!Help save bees with Hozelock

How are Hozelock helping?

We’ve got a bee in our bonnet about helping our friends the bees! With the help of Bizzi, our friendly bee, we are encouraging everyone to plant one or more pots of bee friendly plants to help save the bees. We are donating to help the Flowers for Bees campaign, in partnership with O.F.A. to achieve their goal of protecting bees, through their research, development, training and education programmes.

How can you help the bees?

Simple – plant pots of bee friendly plants to provide pollen and nectar for bees. Everyone can do this – even if you don’t have a garden, a pot or two on a balcony or doorstep can make all the difference.

April Slug Control!

With April showers and warmer temperatures, a slug population explosion seems to descend upon the garden. Any surviving eggs are now hatching into miniature slugs that start feeding immediately, and despite their size, these tiny slugs have voracious appetites. It may seem early, but taking measures at this stage means less slugs develop into the monster munchers that wreak so much havoc during the coming months.

If these warmer spring days tempt you to put out summer bedding and plant up containers early, please be extra vigilant because slugs love tender young plants.


A mild April is often followed a colder spell later in May, and some late spring frost protection may also be required.



March Slug Control

Days are beginning to warm up and slugs are starting to become active again. Digging over your garden now that slugs are closer to the surface will expose them to hungry birds, and their eggs to the elements before they have chance to hatch into a new season of munching molluscs!

Rotovating larger areas where possible is even more effective at eliminating both slugs and eggs. Aim to produce a fine tilth, thus reducing crack refuges. This produces a surface that’s less attractive to slugs but more favourable to young seedlings.

Continue checking beneath all the favourite hiding places for slugs, snails, and their eggs.

Summer flowering bulbs available now!

We have a great selection of summer flowering bulbs availbale to buy now.

Get a head start on your garden this year by planting bulbs early when the risk of frost & ice is over.

Bulbs are a great way of saving money in your garden, costing a fraction of the price of a mature plant specimen.

We also have a fantastic range of seed potatoes available, but dont delay, they wont be around for long!