Local liquid GOLD!

If one of your New Years resolutions is to cut down or even quit sugar, then why not give a local honey a go as an alternative
There are loads of benefits to be had from adding a local honey to your daily diet, one being its packed full of antioxidants (great this time of year to help you ward of coughs & colds!)
You can find Nine Maidens Honey’s here in our food & gift department, available in both runny or set.

Start 2019 by putting your ideas on paper!

We’re sure all of this cold weather has had most of you daydreaming about tending to your beautiful gardens & veg plots in the coming months.

Its a proven fact that if you put an idea down on paper you’re more likely to make it happen 🙂

Make 2019 the year you make ‘YOUR’ garden happen, whether thats simply growing your own veg, or creating your very own Dahlia collection!

Whatever your garden goals are, we’re sure to have what you need to help you acheive them.

We are CANAGAN Dog & Cat food stockists.


Canagan is crafted to replicate the ancestral diet of your pet, with a high meat content, vegetables and botanicals, every bowl of Canagan really is feeding their natural instinct.

Our delicious, grain free recipes use the finest ingredients available. Naturally, all our foods are free of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. If it isn’t good enough for humans it isn’t good enough for our pets, that’s why we try every one of our recipes ourselves!

We carefully select our ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure that every batch of our food meets the highest standards of taste and nutrition.

We are incredibly proud to have made a difference to the lives of pets all across the world.

Wolf & Cat
Wolf & Cat


Traditionally dog and cat foods have sacrificed nutritional value by using cheaper, less nutritionally accessible ingredients.

Our nutritionists have looked carefully at the dietary needs of cats and dogs to produce a food which more closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with the correct ratio of meat protein and fat to carbohydrate and a much higher meat content than most.


Dogs and cats are highly adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains. This is highlighted because they don’t have the enzyme called amylase in their saliva, which helps to break down these starchy carbohydrates. We have eliminated all the grain from our recipe to create a food that is high in meat which matches as closely as possible their natural food.

June’s Slug Control

Days are getting hotter and drier, and more inhospitable to the slug which must stay cool and moist to survive. So now the manic spring planting season is over, it’s time to turn your attention to the kind of places where slugs love to hide during these hot summer days.

The sudden burst of lush new growth provides ample places for slugs to take refuge, so keeping this trimmed to a minimum not only helps show off the explosion of colourful summer bedding, it also robs the slug of some of its daytime haunts. Keep the lower leaves of larger annuals pruned because slugs love to shelter there too.

Keep your lawn edges trimmed. This not only adds that finishing touch to a freshly mown lawn, it removes another favourite slug refuge.

It’s from places like these that slugs emerge in droves to launch their night time attack on your plants. Go on a nocturnal slug hunt and see how many of the little blighters you can collect and dispose of. It’s a surprisingly effective form of slug control.