Maidenhead Aquatics @ Truro



We have everything for the Aquarist. Our selection of Dry Goods meets the needs of all Marine, Tropical Freshwater and Coldwater hobbyists, from a wide range of leading brands, including Hagen, Tetra, Interpet, TMC, JBL and API. We stock a large selection of Aquariums, including many nano ‘Lifestyle’ aquariums such as the small but stylish Fluval Edge 23L and 46L, the sleek Fluval Spec, the modern Superfish Home 25 and the ever popular BiOrb range. For those wanting a larger aquarium, our exclusive Aquamanta Eco range, and the stunning, exclusive, Solid Oak Aquarium range provide the perfect balance of economy and luxury, and we can also offer bespoke aquariums from Seashell to cater to almost any size and location. 

Types of Fish Sold
Cold Water

Rainbowfish, Rift Lake Cichlids, Discus, Tropical Community, Freshwater Shrimp and Invertebrates, Marine fish, Marine Invertebrates

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