Spring is here with Julian Power garden design!

Spring is here!

To celebrate the lifting of the weather and the spring transition Julian Power Garden Design at Carnon Downs Garden Centre would like to introduce you to the wonders of mother nature’s restaurant.



There has been a spring clean at the garden centre and the friendly staff have prepared a new look shop and restaurant to welcome you to the wonders of spring.

To help you plan your garden with wildlife in mind this time of year is paramount to helping birds bees and butterflies to find food and enable them to build strength again.

At Carnon Downs Garden Centre Julian Power can help advise you on complimentary planting to stimulate this process that can be cradled in sympathetic landscaping.Like ourselves they need to eat a variety of healthy food sources. By planting a mixture of indigenous native plant species along with some more exotic elements, your garden can easily become one of the greatest natural restaurants on earth.



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