Spring time at Carnon Downs


#patio fruitsPatio fruit are now in stock, ideal for small gardens in pots on the patio. We have many varieties available including Apple, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Peaches, Apricots, Aronia (Chokeberry – The new super fruit!) and even Walnut. All grafted onto dwarfing rootstocks from £21.99 to £36.99




#herbsWe have a wide range of culinary herbs to add flavour to your cooking, or for adding to salads. Keep them in a pot on the windowsill or plant them out in the garden. Prices from £1.50


A huge range of herbaceous perennials are now in stock. Although they’re not showing colour at the moment they will provide months of colour for many years to come. Special offer 1Ltr pots at £2.75 each or 5 for £12

#fiscusHouseplants make a lovely gift or will brighten up any room in your house. Just add a ceramic pot to make it extra special. We have sizes and prices to suit all pockets.

Time to repair your hedge that winter gales have flattened! We have bare rooted hedging in bunches of 10’s in pots or individual plants. We also have large plants available; why not speak to a member of plant staff.



Magnolias and Camellias are coming into flower now, these plants are long lived, so a really good addition to your garden. We have a great selection ranging from £11.99




New range of Naylor pots for 2014, including our ever popular BOGOF offers, now with even more to choose from.

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